Past Happenings


July 26: Carolyn Chen portrait concert organized by Judith Hamann. km28, Berlin. 

July 25: km28 opening night w/ Sarah Saviet & Joseph Houston. Jennifer Walshe's Trí AmhránTHEY GO PEOPLE AND PERSON, and songs by Charles Ives.

July 21: The Entertainment live on Cashmere Radio. Listen here. Musical guest: Tomomi ADACHI

July 18: Recording project w/ Haukur Þór Harðarson

July 18: Jennifer Walshe's Trí Amhrán w/ Joseph Houston, AIMC

June 29: Nina&Auguste at Goaty's (eis shop), Falkensee

June 6: Nina&Auguste w/ tmrw at La Mutant Theatre, Valencia

June 3, 4: Nina&Auguste at Cabaré Brutale, CCOP, Porto

May 7: blauch räusch sound poetry release w/ Unknown Tapes (NYC)

May 5: Jennifer Walshe's meanwhile back at the ranch w/ Ensemble Ascolta. Acht Brücken, Köln. Information here

April 23-25Mum Hum by Mauro Hertig. Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik on WDR. 

April 16: The Entertainment live on Cashmere Radio and FM. Listen here. Musical guest: Sarah Saviet

March 15-28: Recording project w/ Decoder Ensemble. Music by Davor Vincze.

March 19: The Entertainment live on Cashmere Radio and FM. Listen here. Musical guest: Augustė Vickunaitė

March 6: Papiripar Festival. Radio collaboration with Maximilian Glass.

Feb 19: The Entertainment live on Cashmere Radio. Listen here. Musical guest: Jack Adler-McKean

Jan 24 - Feb 14: Stimmung rehearsals

Jan 10: Active Listening Festival, Berlin, curated by Haukur Thor Hardarson and Jack Adler-McKean


Dec 3: Jennifer Walshe's Nature Data, performed live on Cashmere Radio

Nov 28: Sheeps online premiere through SoundsAbout

Oct 30: Sound Studies Masters Defense

Oct 19 Nick Dunston Trio, Monday Meetings at LOFT, Köln

Oct 15-18 Radio moderator, SEANAPS Festival, Leipzig

Sept 24 Nina&Auguste w/ Worst Behavior, km28, Berlin

Sept 13 Nina&Auguste workshop, €urOPER at C. Rockefeller Center, Dresden

Aug 3 Historical Documents of the (East German) Avant-Garde, Opera Lab Berlin

July 5 Sound&Poetry, Vol. 2 w/ Tina&Jasmina on Radio Corax

July 4 Nina&Auguste, NNOI Festival, Brandenburg

June 8 Stimmung workshop, Berlin

June 7 Everything Illegal radio performance w/ Hardi Kurda, Berlin

June 1-30 FRAMED Berlin at-home residency, Berlin

May 20 Nina&Auguste on Radio T, Chemnitz (broadcast June 15)

Mar 12 Workshop for Aylward opera

Mar 10 Departure Duo, The Undercroft, Baltimore

Mar 7 Departure Duo w/ Maren Brehm, Philadelphia

Mar 6 Departure Duo, Scholes Street Studio, NYC

Mar 5 Departure Duo House Concert, Cambridge

Feb 29 Departure Duo Recital, Brandeis University

Feb 23  Departure Duo Composer Residency, Brandeis University, Boston

Feb 10 Nina&Auguste, Studium P, Vilnius

Feb 8 Nina&Auguste, Empty Brain Resort, Vilnius

Jan 30 - Feb 4 Odyssey, Opera Lab Berlin, Theater im Delphi, Berlin

Jan 17  Nina&Auguste w/ tmrw, km28, Berlin


Dec 5 Vanitas by Laine Rettmer, ILLUMINUS, Boston

Dec 1 Nina&Auguste, tour movie+final presentation, SoundsAbout, Berlin

Nov 29 Nina&Auguste, Water ~ Sound ~ City, SoundsAbout, Berlin

Nov 15 Nina&Auguste, WIM, Zürich

Nov 14 Nina&Auguste, FlorensCargo, Offenbach

Nov 8 Nina&Auguste, SEANAPS Festival, Leipzig

Nov 1 Harvey, Gee w/ ECCE, NYC

Oct 28 ECCE NYC Residency

Oct 26 Workshop for Aylward opera

Oct 20 Departure Duo, Spectrum, NYC

Oct 19 Departure Duo, MAKESHIFT Boston

Oct 11 Departure Duo w/ Original Gravity, Turtle Swamp Brewery, Boston

Sept 20-21 Humbug, Opera Lab Berlin at Musiktheater Tage, Vienna

Sept 11 Departure Duo, km28, Berlin

Aug 31 Nina&Auguste w/ OPPRESS.pre, ACUD Macht Neu, Berlin

Aug 30 Nina&Auguste, Sonic Curiosities, Villa Kuriosum, Berlin

Aug 11 Nina&Auguste, Sentimental Punk, Kotti Shop, Berlin

July 16 Nina&Auguste, Prokoje4, Warsaw

July 1-7 Hand Of Project, London

June 27 Nina&Auguste, Cashmere Radio, Berlin

June 19 Angelus Novus Recording, NYC

June 17 Mr. Punch (Finnissy) w/ Callithumpian Consort, SICPP, Boston

June 13 Departure Duo House Concert, Boston

June 4 Petrushka Reloaded w/ Junge Norddeutsche Philharmonie, Elbphilharmonie

May 24 Nina&Auguste w/ Drone Day, Berlin

May 17 Nina&Auguste, Festivalis Druskomanija, Druskininkai

Apr 21 FERAL by Marty Brody (wp) w/ ECCE, Wellesley

Apr 18 Seeber, Aperghis w/ Callithumpian Consort, Boston

Apr 7 Departure Duo Recital, Clark University, Worcester

Mar 27 NEC Alumni Panel

Mar 25 Departure Duo, New School for Music, Cambridge

Mar 24 Departure Duo, Scholes Street Studio, NYC

Mar 23 Departure Duo, Temple University, Philadelphia

Mar 11-21 Departure Duo Artist Residency, Yellow Barn, Putney

Mar 9 Petrushka Reloaded w/ Junge Norddeutsche Philharmonie, Konzerthaus, Berlin

Mar 7 Petrushka Reloaded w/ Junge Norddeutsche Philharmonie, Szczecin

Feb 28 Beckett's Rough for Radio 1, SoundsAbout, Berlin

Feb 14  Nina&Auguste, km28, Berlin

Feb 2-3  Departure Duo at Oh My Ears, Phoenix

Jan 30 Departure Duo House Concert, San Diego

Jan 26  Departure Duo at Craft in America, Los Angeles

Jan 25   Departure Duo, Westridge School, Pasadena

Jan 16-17 HE PŪTŌRINO MĀKUTU, Hear the Future, San Diego 


Dec 19 Nina&Auguste w/ oqko, Paloma Bar, Berlin

Nov 29 - Dec 1 Beckett's Rough for Radio 1, HKW

Nov 6 Nina&Auguste w/ Listening Body, Singing Ear, UdK stairwell

Oct 21 Departure Duo, Red Room, Baltimore

Oct 18 Departure Duo w/ Her Voice, Greenpoint

Oct 16 Departure Duo, Radio Bean, Burlington

Oct 15 Departure Duo, Outpost 186, Cambridge

Sept 21 Nina&Auguste, Studium P, Vilnius

Sept 19 Nina&Auguste, Kaunas

Aug 11 The Act of Homemaking, curated by Leonie Brandner

July 14-28 Darmstadt Ferienkurse

July 7 Nina&Auguste w/ Jonas Mekas & Friends, Berlin

June 22 Rollbergidyll, Opera Lab Berlin, 48 Stunden Neukölln

June 4 Departure Duo at Spoleto Festival, Charleston

Apr 13 Departure Duo, Scholes Street Studio, NYC

Apr 12  Departure Duo, Outpost 186, Cambridge

Mar 28 Departure Duo Residency, University of Georgia Athens

Feb 23  Departure Duo Recital, Clark University, Worcester

Feb 17   Angelus Novus w/ ECCE, Dimenna Center, NYC

Jan 7  Departure Duo + NO HAY BANDA, Montreal


Nov 17-20 Humbug, Opera Lab Berlin, Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin

Sept 23 Departure Duo, NEC 150

Sept 22 Departure Duo, Columbia University Maison Française

Sept 20 Departure Duo, Scholes Street Studio, NYC

Sept 19 Departure Duo, Boston

July 15 Departure Duo at Art Share LA, Los Angeles.

July 13  Departure Duo at Center for New Music, SF.

July 8  Departure Duo at Omaha Under the Radar

June 22 SICPP, guest performer/coach

June 15 Cinc Couplets w/ Carlos Cordeiro, Longy

May 25 Play the Game (CANCELLED)

May 19 Angelus Novus by John Aylward (wp), Le Laboratoire, Cambridge

May 13 House Show (solo voice: Knussen, Aperghis, Walshe)

Apr 9   Departure Duo + Mike Jones, NYC

Apr 8   Departure Duo + Mike Jones, Hartford

Apr 6   Departure Duo + Mike Jones, Boston

Feb 14  Workshop w/ Guerilla Opera & Rick Burkhardt

Feb 13  Guest Lecturer, CI Dept, New England Conservatory

Jan 31   Departure Duo w/ Callithumpian Consort, Jordan Hall

Jan 26  Skammdegi Festival (Iceland) w/ Jeffery Shivers