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Future Happenings

[updates imminent]


March 25: The Entertainment on Cashmere Radio. Musical guest: Weston Olencki. 17h cet. 

March 27: Ensemble Du. Info here.

March 30: Evelyn Saylor Portrait Concert, km28, Berlin. 20:30h. Info here. 














April 2: MOSSOPERA w/ Leonie Brandner, finissage performance. Trüdelhaus, Baden, CH.

April 28: Departure Duo & Kevin Toksöz Fairbairn, Goethe Institut, Boston

May 12, 13, 14: HER | ALIVE.UN.DEAD w/ Guerilla Opera, composed by Emily Koh. Boston.

July 7,8: DownEast New Music, Maine. 

Sept 29: Three Voices (Feldman), km28, Berlin




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