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Future Happenings

[updates imminent]


Sept 8: Writing beyond yester-morrow: performative moderation at Pop-Up Teahouse, C-Space, Berlin, 18Uhr. 

Sept 29: Three Voices (Feldman), km28, Berlin

Sept 29-Oct 1: MOSSOPERA (installation) w/ Leonie Brandner at Big Art Fair, Amsterdam

Oct 1: MOSSOPERA (performance) w/ Leonie Brandner at Big Art Fair, Amsterdam

Nov 8-9: Departure Duo Residency at Boston Conservatory pt. 1

Nov 8: Departure Duo recital at Boston Conservatory

Nov 13: Aventures&Nouvelles Aventures (Ligeti) w/ Callithumpian Consort at Symphony Hall, Boston

3 voices.jpg


TBA: Perseo e Andromeda (Sciarrino), Berlin

February 8-10: Departure Duo Boston Conservatory Residency pt. 2

February 10: Departure Duo performance of student works

February 18: Departure Duo at Constellation, Chicago

March 17: Robert Ashley (and theTheatre of Voices) w/ ICTUS, Maison de la Poste, Brussels. Info here.

April 12: Robert Ashley (and theTheatre of Voices) w/ ICTUS, Maison communale de Plainpalais, Geneva. Info here.

Sept 29: Mandragora choir epic w/ Leonie Brandner, Kunstlokal, CH

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